The name was chosen because we love the children and care about what happens to them.


The heart represents love and the yellow smiling face represents sunshine, warmth and hope.


To provide Care Kits to children and young people from birth to seventeen years when they are first placed in foster care.

The kits provide the child with something they can hold onto and call their own, and include basic items for personal hygiene, clothing, something to do and something to love, all chosen to suit the age and gender of the child. It is sad to see little children standing before you often with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. They feel lost, lonely and afraid and are often traumatised and emotionally scarred.

These precious souls need love and attention immediately to lessen their pain.

The people who care cannot be everywhere, but our love can be felt if we all work together

How Does it work?

We receive donations from the community. Ann and her friends make the Care Kits, Toiletry Kits, and Activity Kits from donated material to hold all the items, the only cost is the drawstring. The completed Kits will be given to each child, as soon as possible on removal from their homes by the Department of Child Safety or the Police. It will give each new child coming into care something to own and to hold onto during the transition to foster care.

How can you help?

  • All items are donated.
  • There are no overhead costs. All money can be donated to Inala Youth Services on behalf of Project Love & Care.
  • We need donations of goods such as those already mentioned.
  • Every donation is welcome, however small.

Please assist us to keep this project going to help our most precious gift – our children.

Thank you for your willingness to help.

Care Kits Contain

Toiletry Kits

  • Face washer
  • soap
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • brush or comb
  • sanitary items for young women and nappies for babies.
Activity Kits

  • School stationary supplies
  • colouring/puzzle books and picture or reading books

New clothes or good quality second hand clothing, new socks and underwear and a soft toy.

Care Bags

Made from donated materials e.g. curtain material.


Ann George
124B Buddleia St
Inala Q 4077
Ph: 3372 8493

Making a difference in the lives of children, the leaders of tomorrow